Five Things To Avoid When Arranging Your Wedding

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Okay, that’s the serious stuff out of the way. As a bonus, here’s our light-hearted take on the perils of wedding planning and the five no-no’s of wedding organization. Names have been changed to protect the stupid.

1. Avoid picking the wrong venue
Nowadays there’s no place on earth you can’t get married. Higher disposable incomes and cheap flights have seen to that. There may even be companies out there that will host your wedding on the International Space Station or on the rim of an active volcano (though few brides look their best in an asbestos wedding dress).

Keep your wits about you, however: By checking the wrong box on a reservation form, Jack Brown of Ottawa found himself and his bride exchanging vows aboard a raft on a white water section of the Colorado river called the Devil’s Bend.

Our site contains hundreds of ideas for venues and dozens of companies willing to help make each venue a dream location for the wedding couple. And if Hawaii’s your favorite flavor of venue, we can help you there too. We specialise in affordable Hawaii wedding venues, including oahu wedding venues and wedding packages. Browse our site for hundreds of other wedding venue marketing ideas.

2. Avoid ordering a cake more ornate than Marie Antoinette’s best wig
Weddings present the perfect opportunity to appreciate the cake-maker’s craft. A thoughtfully themed wedding cake is a social focal point providing memories that will last for years. But you should always tether your creative impulses to reality.

Dolores Smith’s desire to re-enact labour activist Helen Armstrong’s mass rally prior to the 1919 Winnipeg General Strike was a big mistake. A team of master bakers slaved over several hot stoves to create 20,000 marzipan protesters at a cost to Dolores of one dollar a protester.

This site will point you in the direction of some of the best (and more practical) cake-makers in Canada.

3. Avoid caterers who don’t have chicken broth insurance
Amongst the seemingly infinite number of tasks requiring perfect execution to ensure your wedding reception is a roaring success, providing sustenance to your guests must surely head the list. Getting this wrong can prove disastrous, as Pierre LaFarge’s reception illustrates.
Pierre’s chosen caterer stood ready to serve (the buffet that is—not his country). All guests had been introduced, the prayer had been prayed and toasts toasted. All that remained was to call forward the guests, table by table.

Pierre travelled north to Moose Jaw to collect his parents the day before the wedding. He drove all the way there and back on a small bowl of Cheerios. By the time the buffet was ready he was as ravenous as a wolverine on a 500 calorie a day diet (as the staff nurse in charge of his ward later revealed).
As Pierre’s table was called, the rumbling in his stomach sounded like buffalo hooves thundering across the prairie. He was slavering like one of Pavlov’s hounds. The caterer barely looked in his direction when Pierre made a beeline to the vol-au-vents faster than the Road Runner pursued by Wile. E. Coyote.
Accident investigators said that the ten metre stretch of over-polished dance floor between Pierre and the buffet was a contributory factor in his demise. By the time the loafers bearing all 230 pounds of Eugene lost traction he’d gathered more momentum than the Starship Enterprise at warp factor five. He hit the 100 gallon soup tureen with the force of a bunker-buster bomb.
The Fire Chief and his team eventually hosed the area down, the semi-conscious Pierre draped over the Deejay’s turntable throughout the exercise, his tuxedo sodden with chicken broth.
We have hundreds of caterers on our site’s database, every one of whom will guarantee 100% reimbursement of all hospital bills arising from any incident involving chicken broth.

4. Avoid DJ’s who think there hasn’t been a good song in the charts since Chuck Berry’s duck walk
A wedding reception wouldn’t be a wedding reception without a Deejay. Just don’t pick the same one as Martin Forbes of Vancouver who hired Johnny ‘two records’ DuBois before realising that one of Johnny’s records was criminal, the other, the theme song from Titanic.

You’ll find dozens of Deejays on this site—all with state-of-the-art digital equipment.

5. Avoid choosing the ‘add some thrills to your honeymoon’ option on honeymoon booking forms
From Bombay to Baffin Island, the choice of honeymoon destinations available to newlyweds nowadays is truly breathtaking. Some companies specialise in making such arrangements. Check out our lists and see for yourself.

Daphne Lam chose Niagara Falls for her honeymoon, but omitted to de-select a check box committing her to the ‘add some thrills to your honeymoon’ option (and while you’re at it, add a thousand dollars to the bill, a footnote said). This turned out to involve hotel staff busting down the door to the honeymoon suite in the wee small hours, before stuffing him in an empty molasses barrel and throwing him over the falls. Eugene washed up 50 miles downstream a week later, having miraculously suffered only minor abrasions and a soggy cigar.

On Wedding Website Marketing you’ll find a host of venues to choose from. And empty molasses barrels feature in none of them!

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